Strongboy Wall Support
Strongboy Wall Support
Strongboy Wall Support Strongboy Wall Support
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Strongboys are used for placing between a course of brick or block walls and supported with building acrow props to enable the wall to be removed.

They support walls while lintels, beams or RSJ's are fitted. They can be hammered into mortar joints and supported by a single prop, allowing masonry etc. beneath to be removed.


  • Easy to use
  • Support with single prop


  • New build, renovation, window installation
  • Supporting walls while you fit lintels, RSJs or beams can be tricky. Simply hammer the blade into a raked mortar joint and support it with a steel prop while you remove the masonry beneath.
  • Supports spans up to 900mm
  • Support with single steel prop
  • The Strongboy offers a new dimension to the construction industry: - Simplistic and Robust
  • Cost Effective


  • The strongboy is used as an adaption to an Adjustable Steel Prop to provide support to brickwork and other construction support structures.
  • Due to the Strongboy's robust dynamics, it can be fitted between courses on a double-skin, brick cavity wall from either side. Therefore providing a cost effective, efficient and safe construction component.
  • Strongboy is zinc plated, this ensures a long life and low maintenance product.
  • All our Strongboys are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality system accreditation.

Instructions For Use

  1. Select the height you require for your opening and take out one or two bricks above the joint you wish to work to.
  2. Place the STRONGBOY on top of the prop and adjust to your required working height.
  3. For maximum safety the STRONGBOY should be placed where the handle sits against the face of the wall being supported.
  4. On normal cavity walls, the maximum distance from the centre line of the ‘acrow’ prop, to centre line of the cavity wall or is 215mm (9’’ inches). Or using the leading edge of the hammer plate as a guide. Measure 150mm to the centre of the cavity.
  5. N.B. (Where joints do not line up in a cavity wall you may need to insert a suitable solid wedge between the loading plate and the supported structure.)
  6.  On single leaf walls the maximum distance from the centre of the ‘acrow’ prop to the centre of the wall should be 305mm. (12 inches)
  7. Tighten the prop until the loading plate is fully engaged with the brickwork and is load bearing. (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN)
  8. For wider hole on stable walls the STRONGBOYS should be positioned and maximum of 900mm apart. For less stable structures or where there are old mortar joints it may be necessary to position the STRONGBOYS closer together.
  9. The maximum safe working height is 3m from finished floor level.
  10. Maximum safe working load is 340 Kg

The STRONGBOY should only be used where the wall to be supported is adequately braced against lateral forces, e.g. a floor within 500mm of the STRONGBOY.

Props must be used in a VERTICAL position on a clean solid and stable floor or substrate capable of supporting the desired weight.

Always use STRONGBOYS in a safe and workmanlike manner.


Support Span : 900mm
Maximum working height : 3m
Maximum loading : 340kg


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