Floor Buffer Polisher 325mm

Floor Buffer Polisher 325mm
Floor Buffer Polisher 325mm
Floor Buffer Polisher 325mm
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Brand: Ghibli

Floor buffers and floor polishers are typically used for cleaning hard surfaces, such as hardwood, marble, tile or linoleum. The rotary brushes move over flat surfaces to dislodge dirt and dust. Floor buffers or  floor polishers are available in a range of sizes. We can set them up to wash or scrub a floor by providing a solution tank that is filled with warm water and a cleaning agent or to polish and buff a floor when supplied with a pad holder and various grades of polyester pads: (see pad selection below)

This smaller buffer is perfect for domestic situations such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. It is half the weight of its bigger brother but still has plenty of power to deal with most household demands. Floor scrubber polisher machines are all in one units, designed to provide an easy way of scrubbing hard floors clean, stripping floors, and polishing floors to a gleaming professional finish.

For industrial or commercial applications, we do a larger, more powerful 425mm Buffer Polisher

Working Width   330mm
Brush Speed   190 mm
Voltage   220 - 240 V
Frequency   50 Hz 
Brush Motor Rating   550
Brush Contact Pressure    36,7 g/cm²
Under Ride Height   260mm
Noise Level   <54 dbA 
Power Supply Cable   12 metres
Weight   22 Kg
Dimensions   1120mm x420mm x 340mm 

17" Black Floor Pads

The 17" black floor pads are designed for heavy duty floor scrubbing and floor stripping. This pad is very rough and it cannot be used for cleaning polished surfaces. Highly recommended for removing floor polish from most types of floors and for scrubbing heavy duty dirt build ups. It can be used for deep cleaning tiles, terracotta, terrazzo, marble, porcelain, ceramic, concrete floors, etc. It can also be used for stripping marmoleum, amtico, lino, vinyl, wood, etc.  Do not use the 17" black floor pad to polish floors. It will remove the existing finish and it will damage your floors. If you plan to strip a floor, please apply the stripper over the whole area, allow up to 5 minutes to react and then start scrubbing the floor with the black floor pad. Do not scrub the same area over and over to avoid scratching the floor. If you plan to clean natural stone floors, make sure that the floor has no polish on it before you start. Wet the floor and scrub it well with the black floor pad.

 17" Red Floor Pads

The red floor pads are designed for polishing all types of floors. This high quality floor pad is made from very soft  materials and it has no scrubbing power at all. It will enhance the look of any type of sealed floor if used with the right polishing equipment. Suitable for polishing amtico, marmoleum, lino, vinyl, travertine, terracotta, marble, wooden floors, etc. It will only work on sealed floors. For polishing natural unsealed stone floors please use the white floor pad. Ensure that the area that you plan to polish, is clean and dust free. If any type of small particles get caught between the floor and the pad, they will scratch the floor. Wash the floor few times, vacuum the floor and when the floor is 100% dry, start buffing the floor with the red pad. The pad will polish the floor to a mirror like effect. The 17" red floor pad cannot be used  for wet polishing. Make sure that you polish the whole floor without missing patches. By polishing the floor with the 17" red floor pad, you will heat the floor and you will get rid of all the imperfections and markings. The more you buff the floor, better it will look.

17" White Floor Pads

The white floor pads are designed for polishing natural stone floors. Suitable for polishing ceramic and porcelain floors as well. The 17" white floor pads are polishing pads only and are not designed for any type of scrubbing. It will restore the natural beauty of most types of natural stone floors. Suitable to use on terrazzo, travertine, terracotta, marble, concrete, limestone floors, etc. Knowing how to use any type of floor pads is the key to achieve outstanding results. The 17" white floor pads need to be used for dry polishing of most types of natural stone floors. Wash well the area that you plan to polish, allow to dry and then start buffing.

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