Dehumidifier Auto Pump Out 48l
Dehumidifier Auto Pump Out 48l
€33 per day Plus VAT
€99 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Manufacturer
Product Code: Dri Eaz

Unlike other dehumidifiers, where the water container needs to be emptied on a regular basis, this machine pumps the water through a hose direct to a sink or drain. The hose is approx. 12 metres, which gives great flexibility when drying a room.

It is easy to use with a circular on / off switch and manual condensate pump. Power usage is measured by a kilowatt –hour meter and an hour counter makes it easy to plan timings.This machine can be turned on and left unattended as the water is pumped out through the hose automatically.

For easy transport, this dehumidifier has large semi-pneumatic wheels, a sturdy handle and built in loading skids.

Supply Voltage   230 / 110 V Selectable
Type   Standard Refrigerant
Water Removal (Max)   48 L / day (32.2°C/90%RH
Water Removal (AHAM)   25 L / day (26.7°C/60%RH)
Water Removal (EU Standard)   42.6 L / day (30°C/80%RH)
Water Removal (EU Standard)   21 L / day (20°C/60%RH)
Amp Draw   3.3 A (230V) - 6.5 A (110V)
Power Consumption   0.72KW / Hour (110V) 110V)0.76KW / Hour
Operating Temperature Range   1°– 38°C
Operating Humidity Range   40 - 100%
Dimensions ( H x W x D)   85 × 50 × 51 cm
Use Weight   39 Kg
Air Movement   350 M³/Hr
Drain Hose Length   12.2 M
Condensate Pump Lift Capacity   2 m
Power Cord Lenght   5 m
Plug Type   13A 3 Pin BS1363 - 230V 16A 3 Pin BS4343 - 110V


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