HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor

HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor
HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor
HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor HEPA Air Purifier / Dust Extractor
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Brand: Air Cube

Please note: This air purifier dust extractor is not to be used for asbestos removal or air cleaning where asbestos is likely to be found.

This HEPA air purifier dust extractor works best with a source extraction system to improve the general air quality. It can be used both day and night to keep the air clean.

The air in the room is cleaned as it circulates through the HEPA filter, which removes hazardous airborne dust particles. The filter is so efficient it will even remove those dust particles which are invisible to the eye.  It can separate dusts which are as small as .3 microns such as quartz dust in concrete, brick, grout and mortar.

This air purifier dust extractor can be used when hammering, wall grinding, concrete grinding, demolition work, kitchen and bathroom renovations and for general construction. It can also be used in bakeries and carpentry workshops.

The HEPA air purifier dust extractor is built from stainless alu-zinc coated sheet metal which is extra damage resistant.  The fan unit is a radial blower with a purpose built casing to build up a high pressure across its complete flow range. An exhaust hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room.  There is a two speed setting, a filter indication light and it has a capacity of 1800m3/h.


Dimensions H x W x L   970 x 500 x 340 mm
Weight   25 kg
Outlet   ∅ 315 mm
Hose Length ( extra accessory )   3 m ∅ 315
Flow, at open outlet   1850 m3/h 50 Hz, 1650 m3/h 60 Hz
Negative Pressure   max 500 Pa
Power Consumption   350 W
Degree of Seperation   EN 60335 - 2 69, class H 99.995 %
    EN 1822 - 1 HEPA 13
Sound Level    max 62 - 74 db ( A)

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