Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera Inspection Camera
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Bosch Inspection Camera

This camera helps you see in places where your eyes can't go: behind walls, inside pipes and drains, around blind corners. The secret to getting the lens where it needs to go is what I call the snake. The snake is a durable 3 foot, water-tight, flexible cable armed with a 17 mm camera. The snake fits through holes as small a 3/4 inch and gets into, around and under tight spaces. The camera is mounted on a handle, and the unit features up-front power and imaging controls. It's waterproof, so you're OK if you drop it in that flooded basement or get caught in the rain.

Realistic image rendering on a high resolution, 2¾" LCD display. Waterproof camera cable with small camera head for flexibility. Video line out function for external image transfer.


  • 1 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Battery
  • 2¾" Display Screen
  • 122cm Waterproof Cable
  • 9 x LED
Battery Voltage   10.8 v
Display size   2.7"
Display resolution   320 x 240px
Diameter of Camera Head   9.5mm
Number of LED Lighting Stages   9
Run time with one battery change   7 - 15 h

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