Powered Pallet Truck
Powered Pallet Truck
Powered Pallet Truck Powered Pallet Truck Powered Pallet Truck Powered Pallet Truck
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The EJE Series 2 pallet trucks are extremely powerful. They are ideal for use when maximum throughput is required:

  • During the loading and offloading of HGVs over ramps
  • In hard continuous operations with heavy loads
  • In 2-shift or even 3-shift operations
  • Under harsh operating conditions


  1. Powerful, innovative 1.6 kW 3-phase AC drive motor for maximum throughput
  2. High residual capacity and powerful lift motor
  3. Extremely durable frame for exceptionally high operational demands
  4. State-of-the-art control electronics ensure perfect handling
  5. Low operating costs due to excellent energy management
  6. Large batteries for long operating times

The long low-mounted tiller makes sure the user is working in a safe ergonomic way when using this pallet truck. This maintains the necessary distance between the operator and the truck. In confined areas, the crawl speed button reduces the speed for safe travelling with the tiller upright.

The redesigned multi-functional tiller arm is full of innovations. It has a sealed sensor system (IP 65) for maximum breakdown protection, rocker switches with contactless electronics for precise operation in any tiller position and ergonomically arranged switches.


  1. Optimum cornering
  2. Lithium-ion technology
  3. Robust design also for the toughest applications
  4. Clear colour coding and buttons with wear-resistant icons ensure intuitive operation.
  5. Grip position optimally adapted to the operator's hand posture.
  6. Easy accessibility of the crawl speed button when travelling with vertical tiller.
  7. Rocker switch for consistent operation in all tiller positions.
  8. Contactless sensor system with IP 65 protection rating. Maximum protection against breakdown.
  9. Long operating times available with lead-acid battery
Nominal load at COG 2 t
Wheel base 1.353 m
Standard tyres 1x+2
Transport length 1.763 m
Transport width 0.72 m
Transport height 0.805 m
Centre of gravity 600 mm
Lifting height 0.122 m
Traction motor 1.6 kW
Hoist motor 1.5 kW
Battery capacity 24/250 V/Ah
Weight 0.54 t
Battery weight 0.22 t
Travel speed with / without load 6 km/h
Hoisting with / without load 0.04/0.06 m/s
Lowering with load 0.05 m/s
max. climbing ability 10/20 %
Turning radius 1.538 m
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