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Wallpaper Spiker / Perforator

Wallpaper Spiker / Perforator
Wallpaper Spiker / Perforator
€3 per day +VAT
€7 per week +VAT

The spiker is a high quality hand tool designed to quickly and safely perforate all types of wall covering to speed the penetration of steam for fast, effective wallpaper stripping.

The configuration of the perforating head with 56 hardened steel pins per roller, cuts 'V' shaped perforations into the wall covering as it is rolled across the surface maximising the penetration of steam and stripping solutions.

The design effectively 'grabs' the wall covering without the need for the user to apply excessive pressure for the perforator pins to penetrate the wall surface.

Safe to use on all wall types including plaster, plaster board and drywall linings.

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