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Puddle Pump 25mm

Puddle Pump 25mm
Puddle Pump 25mm
Puddle Pump 25mm
Puddle Pump 25mm
Puddle Pump 25mm
€20 per day +VAT
€60 per week +VAT

Often called a puddle sucker or residue pump, a puddle pump is a type of submersible pump used to pump and reduce excess water from indoor and outdoor flat surfaces such as floors, cellars, basements, flat roofs, etc.

Unlike a traditional submersible water pump, puddle pumps are capable of pumping water down to very low levels without burning out or overheating. No chamber or sump is needed in order to use them, making them ideal for quick deployment in a wide variety of flood water and emergency response situations.

Puddle pumps provide a fast, economical and flexible solution for controlling nuisance groundwater and flooding caused by rainfall, leaks and spillage. The fact that puddle pumps can pump liquids down to as little as 1mm while still offering the capacity to pump good volumes of water means they are perfect for flood protection and emergency response situations where quick deployment is critical.

In addition, puddle pumps are very portable and can be easily moved if required, being able to be placed straight into the water and being able to function properly even when not completely submerged. Equally, they can be fully underwater, making them extremely versatile..

Flow170 l / min
Free Passage6mm
Head11 metres
SizeØ196 x 316

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