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Sub Pump c/w Float Switch 50mm

Sub Pump c/w Float Switch 50mm
Sub Pump c/w Float Switch 50mm
€30 per day +VAT
€90 per week +VAT

With all the features and specifications of our submersible pumps, our Float Pumps have the added benefit of an automatic on / off float switch.

A float switch has a floating element that lowers and raises with the water level in the sump basin. When the level exceeds a preset height, the switch makes an electrical circuit and the pump starts.

The pump will automatically turn itself off when the water falls below a certain level, then switch itself back on if the water rises.

This allows the pump to be left plugged in continuously and working away in the on position when there is water present and turning itself off then there is no water to be pumped thus avoiding damage and overheating to the pump.

Ideal for cellars or basements.

Outlet Size50mm
Flow 1/ min225
Head11 metres
Free Passage6mm
Dimensions D x H187 x 275

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