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Submersible Pump 75mm

Submersible Pump 75mm
Submersible Pump 75mm
€30 per day +VAT
€90 per week +VAT

Submersible pumps or sump pumps are great for pumping groundwater, seepage or rainfall, and are recommended for flood defence schemes. Submersible pumps can be effectively used in construction or site drainage enabling contractors to continue working in wet weather.

Submersible pumps are among the most efficient options available if you need to pump liquid from a large body of water. Whereas most water pumps are positioned outside of the water and pull water to the surface, submersible pumps are submerged and push water to the surface.

This process is far less energy-intensive than sucking or pulling water to the surface, which means that submersible pumps are affordable to run and can be relied on to produce high-quality results.

The main advantage of submersible pumps is that they generally do not require priming as they are already submerged in the water.

Flow310 Litres / min
Free Passage7mm
Head18 metres
Size185mm x 290mm x 385mm
Weight17.3 kg

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