Dehumidifier Industrial 40l

Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
€25 per day Plus VAT
€75 per week Plus VAT
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Brand: Kroll

Our industrial use dehumidifier is ideal for drying out rooms after flooding or during renovations and reconstructions. They can also be used in rooms or buildings to protect items from dampness.

These machines can extract up to 40 litres of water per day and are low noise and portable.

The hot gas defrosting system gives greater efficiency when the dehumidifier is used continuously over long periods.

The LED control panel displays how long the machine has been in use and any machine faults or malfunctions.

An easy to clean long life filter increases the machines lifespan.

The damp air is pulled into the machine with a fan. The moisture is condensed and collected in the water container. The dry air is heated and then pushed back into the room.

Once the water tank is full, the machine automatically switches off.

Maximum Extraction Capacity 40 litre per day
Operating Humidity Range 30 % - 95 % RF
Operating Temperature Range 5 c - 35 c
Litres per 24/h depending on temperature and humidity  
10c / 60% humidity  8 Litres
25 c / 60% humidity 20 Litres
30 c / 80% humidity 36 Litres
Nominal Air Delivery 500 cubic meters
Consumption 780 w
Dimensions W x D x H 49.5cm x 83cm x 41cm
Noise 50dB (A)
Weight 39.5kg


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