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Dehumidifier Industrial 40l

Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
€30 per day +VAT
€90 per week +VAT

During construction and renovation works, there is no surer or more economical way to reduce moisture in walls and floors without risk of damage to the building materials.

In newly built or partially completed buildings, these large electric building dehumidifiers enable interior plaster, screeds and timber work to be dried at a controlled rate.

This means that decorators can work systematically, keeping to the required schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

In the unfortunate and disastrous circumstances of flooding, you need a dryer that will get to work quickly and will keep on working, day and night, until the job is done.

With an extraction rate of up to 40 litres of water per day, in the correct environment, these workhorses will keep on going, extracting moisture from carpets, floors and walls until your building is dry.

They have a self contained 14 litre tank which we advise you check and empty a few times a day.

Although very few machines run silently, this dehumidifier only produces 50dB which makes it a lot quieter than other brand on the market, which does make a difference when you have them running in your occupied home over a prolonged period of time

Weighing in at only 39kg, they are much more manageable to transport and instal at your destination than other popular dehumidifiers, and still produce a stronger output getting your job done faster.

Maximum Extraction Capacity40 Litres per day
Operating Humidity Range30% - 95 % RF
Operating Temperature5 c - 35c
Litres per 24/h depending on temperature and humidity

10 c / 60% Humidity8 Litres
25 c / 60% Humidity
20 Litres
30 c / 80% Humidity
36 Litres
Nominal Air Delivery500 cubic metres
Consumption780 w
Dimensions W x D x H49.5cm x 83cm x 41 cm
Noise50 dB A
Weight39.5 kg
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