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CAT Signal Genny

CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
CAT Signal Genny
€50 per day +VAT
€150 per week +VAT

The C.Scope SGA and C.Scope SGV Signal Generators operate in conjunction with a C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool or Cable Avoidance Tool operating in the Generator mode.

The Signal Generators generate a 33kHz signal which can be applied to a cable or metal pipe to allow it to be traced.

A range of accessories are avalible to allow specific applications, such as plastic pipe tracing.

The C.Scope SG-V Signal Generator adds a digital display to provide precise information about the battery condition and quality of connection achieved.


  • Digital display (SG-V only)
  • Variable power outputs
  • Long battery life
  • Industry standard 33kHz transmitting frequency
  • Traditional pulsed signal output plus continuous signal output for quick tracing and depth measurement
  • Integrated accessory tray that can accommodate ALL the most common accessories
  • Extra long auxiliary Earth Lead included as standard
  • Extremely robust and weatherproof design
Controls On / Off
  Low Power / High Power
  Pulse / Continuous
  Audio Mute
Connections Connection mode socket
  Connection mode earth socket
Audio Indications Audio feedback on button press
  Audio frequency drops to indicate a good connection
  Audio frequency on induced mode changes with power level
  Audio output pulsed to indicate pulsed mode
  Low battery indication
Output 32768Hz
Batteries 4 x 'D' cells (LR20)
  Typical life 40 hours
Construction Weight 3.4 kgs (including batteries)
  Moisture/dust resistant to IP65
SG - V only  
Multisegment LCD indicating Frequency
  Pulse / Continuous signal
  Output level
  Battery condition
  Output current bargraph - connected/induced
  Speaker mute


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