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Staple Gun

Staple Gun
Staple Gun
€8 per day +VAT
€24 per week +VAT

A heavy duty staple and brad nail gun with aluminium housing for added durability and long lasting usability.

Designed for thin woods and sheet materials and suitable for applications such as gardening, wire netting, insulation, beading, fencing, trim work and panelling


  • Easy squeeze technology for reduced user fatigue and added driving power into materials
  • High and low power setting to control intensity of staple application when working on a variety of hard and soft materials
  • Anti-jam mechanism for continuous use and reliable operation

Fires STANLEY® Type-G staples in

  • 6mm (1-TRA704T),
  • 8mm (1-TRA705T),
  • 10mm (1-TRA706T),
  • 12mm (1-TRA708T)
  • 14mm (1-TRA709T)

Fires STANLEY® Type-J Headed Brad Pins in

  • 12mm (1-SWK-BN050T)
  • 15mm (1-SWK-BN625T)
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