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Tile Cutter Large 93cm

Tile Cutter Large 93cm
Tile Cutter Large 93cm
€25 per day +VAT
€75 per week +VAT

The Sigma 3D Tile Cutter is designed for use in the most demanding situations.

It has a broad table for supporting the biggest of tiles; along with adjustable height this tile cutter allows the user to cut the majority of tiles available today.

The cutter also comes with a measuring bar which rotates both in positive and negative 45 degree directions with positive lock out on pre-set angles.


  1. Broad tile support table
  2. Double tile thickness cutting adjustments
  3. Patented measuring bar swivels from 0 deg to 48 deg allowing cutting lengths to be seen at any angle
  4. Rapid positioning button allows the main angles normally used immediately available
  5. Easy to dismantle and transport
  6. Rapid position button for quick setting of main angles
  7. Attachment slider for precise and repetitive cuts
Effective cutting length93cm
Diagonal cut65cm x 65cm
Max cutting thickness16 mm
Breaking pressure1000kg
Cutting angles+45 to -45 degrees
Swivel action measuring barcentimeters and inches
Weight12.8 kg – Broad support table

Instructions For Use

Tile cutting instructions

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