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Carpet Dryer

Carpet Dryer
Carpet Dryer
Carpet Dryer
Carpet Dryer
Carpet Dryer
€25 per day +VAT
€75 per week +VAT

This compact and easy to use floor and carpet drying fan is a tough, robust and effective piece of equipment, ideal for use in residential spaces as well as demanding commercial and industrial environments. It is designed to be placed on a wet floor or carpet in order to dry it out properly. It is capable of producing an air displacement level of 2640m3/h and 500Pa of air pressure which helps increase the rate of water evaporation, speeding up the drying times of wet carpets and floors. The unit can be picked up and moved around easily using its carry handle, to operate wherever it is required

They are ideal for use in a range of scenarios such as following a leak, spill or flood, as well as after cleaning, decorating or renovation work. They can be used on hard floors such as concrete, tiles, marble, wooden floors, as well as carpets. The floor dryer introduces a powerful airflow over the floor or carpet, it speeds up the natural process of evaporation rather than heats the wet carpet or floorboards, which can cause carpets or wooden floorboards to shrink and so it dramatically increases drying times, making the floor safe to walk on in less time, reducing down time in the area where the cleaning has taken place.

Airflow2640 m³/h
Max. Air Pressure500 Pa
Fan Type:Radial
Fan Speeds3
Power Consumption384/452/550 W
Power Supply220-240/1ph/50 V/Hz
Outlet Diameter12 x 42 cm
Protection IP24
Dimensions H x W x D510 x 420 x 480 mm
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