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Heater Infrared 3KW

Heater Infrared 3KW
Heater Infrared 3KW
Heater Infrared 3KW
Heater Infrared 3KW
Heater Infrared 3KW
€20 per day +VAT
€60 per week +VAT

The fully portable Infrared Heater provides localised heat for operatives or processes when traditional heat isn’t an option. Runs from a standard 110V 32A supply and features all new carbon fibre filaments for improved resilience, two heat settings, a reduced glow and a high quality build specification.

This heater uses reflective halogen heat which provides heat to a localised small area without heating the area around it. It has a short warm up time so that heat is produced very quickly. It is a clean and silent heater which heats objects and people directly in front of it.

It is a 32amp unit so must be run off a 10kva site transformer or a vented heater transformer. As with all electrical heaters, the shorter the cable, the more efficient it is. This heater can be run off a maximum cable of 7m but you will get the best results if you can plug directly into a transformer without using an extension.

Sensible Heat Capacity3kw
Heat Settings1.5 /3kw
Filaments2 x 1.5 kw Carbon Fibre
Supply110 v / 50 Hz
Plus Size32 A
Dimensions H x W X D917mm x 421mm x 171mm
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