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Heater Radiator 2KW

Heater Radiator 2KW
Heater Radiator 2KW
€8 per day +VAT
€24 per week +VAT

Long-lasting warmth for rooms up to 60m3 thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside the unit. Ideal for offices, homes and shops.

The heated oil inside maintains its temperature to give you long-lasting heat. Even after the unit is switched off, the oil continues to release heat for a while.

Silent, uniform heating throughout your room. Set the desired temperature and manage power settings with adjustable knobs.

Easy to move with the folding castors.

Heating Power900 w
For rooms up to60m³
Rated Voltage / Frequency230 v / 50 Hz
Dimensions W x D x H16 cm x 4.2 x 65cm

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